10 Great Quotes for the Aspiring Private Investigator

  1. There Is Nothing As Deceptive As an Obvious Fact

~ Arthur Conan Doyle

  1. Every Man at the Bottom of His Heart Believes That He is a Born Detective

~ John Buchan

  1. When You Have Eliminated the Impossible, Whatever Remains, However Improbable, Must Be the Truth

~ Sherlock Holmes

  1. Trust, But Verify

~ Ronald Reagan

  1. Where Large Sums of Money Are Involved, It Is Advisable to Trust Nobody

~ Agatha Christie

  1. I’ve Always Credited the Private Detective With A High Degree of Ominscience, Or Is That Only True In Rental Fiction

~ John Paxton

  1. The Trust of the Innocent Is the Liar’s Most Useful Tool

~ Stephen King

  1. Whoever Is Detected In a Shameful Fraud, Is Ever After Not Believed, Even If They Speak the Truth

~ Plato

  1. So You Are a Private Detective? I Didn’t Know They Existed, Except in Books, Or Else They Were Greasy Little Men Snooping Around Hotel Corridors

~ The Big Sleep

  1. Fiction Can Be Fun, But I Find the Reference Section a Little More Enlightening

~ Ace Ventura, Pet Detective